Curriculum Planning

Our curriculum is designed in accordance with the “Guidance to the Pre-primary Curriculum” issued by the Education Bureau and we adopt the child-centred approach, taking into account early chilhood development, children’s learning abilities, life experiences and interests. Through theme-based activities, the curriculum includes the six areas of learning covering “Physical Fitness and Health”, “Language”, “Early Mathematics”, “Nature and Living”, “Self and Society” and “Arts and Creativity”. We aim to help children develop their potentials, enhance their learning interests and build self-confidence. We stress that children learn self-discipline and how to care for others. We nurture positive values and attitudes in our children and prepare children for life bu laying sound foundation for future learning.


Learning/ Teaching approach & activities

We adopt activity-approach which incorporates group learning and individual learning at interest corners. Children acquire knowledge and and the aptitude for self-learning through observation, exploration, reflection, games and experiments as well as discussions and data collection.

Support to children

We organize new students’ adaptation period, progressing simulation, primary one adaptation class, referral service and learning support group catering for learning diversities.